Throughout the month of August, our industry will once again celebrate National Shooting Sports Month, a nationwide celebration of the shooting
sports. NSSF invites everyone in our industry to take part. Use the resources provided to be a part of the celebration.

Ways to Get Invovled

As a firearms retailer, you serve a critical role in the continued growth of gun ownership and shooting sports participation. We urge you to join us this August for National Shooting Sports Month. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Download and print the free e-book on “How to Increase Participation and Sale with National Shooting Sports Month” to help with your events and promotions planning
  • Host an event at your store such as a sale, open house, safety class or gear promotion. Or consider partnering with a local range.
  • List your business on the National Shooting Sports Month calendar.
  • Help spread the word about the event(s) you’re planning to host by utilizing the resources within the promotional toolkit.
  • Display the National Shooting Sports Month logo on your website, in your promotions and on social media.
  • Encourage active customers to invite family and friends to come check out the great deals you’re offering this August.

As a manufacturer or organization, you serve a critical role in the continued growth of gun ownership and shooting sports participation. Become an official supporter of National Shooting Sports Month and help fuel participation this August. Here are some ways you can support this month-long celebration:

  • Promote National Shooting Sports Month (NSSM) by displaying the campaign logo on your website and social media channels while directing viewers to to discover participating businesses in their community
  • Offer special pricing/promotions throughout the month on products and display the campaign logo and/or words “In celebration of National Shooting Sports Month” in your customer promotions
  • Host an online giveaway sweepstakes to build brand awareness and loyalty. NSSF will help amplify your brands reach by sharing on their social media channels and through consumer eblast communications.
  • Actively promote the month on your social media channels and using the National Shooting Sports Month Social Media Helper. Encourage your followers to go shooting during August and to introduce/reintroduce a friend or family member. Use the #letsgoshooting hashtag.
  • Encourage other industry stakeholders (i.e. manufacturers, ranges, retailers, organizations and state agencies) you work closely with to get on board with too. Or better yet team up on events/promotions you can rollout together and add the host venue to the list of participating businesses at

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Success Stories

Invite your customers, employees, members and their friends to the range for a day of shooting fun!
Take a picture with their hit targets and post them on social media using #LetsGoShooting and #PlusOneMovement!

Kevin Dixie

Kevin Dixie - No Other Choice Firearms Training

There is the privilege of taking a first shooter to the shooting range, and then there’s the event organized by Mr. Kevin Dixie. To celebrate National Shooting Sports Month, Dixie, or “K.D.” as he is better known—took 17 inner-city youths and gave them one heck of a firearms education. An Unparalleled Event “I was absolutely honored to be working with the NSSF for the National Shooting Sports Month,” K.D. related, “as it allowed me to put together a great group of co-sponsors and show some kids—who may never had had this kind of opportunity—exactly how a firearm is built and then fired.” K.D. had the perfect platform in place to launch such an event to celebrate 2018’s National Shooting Sports Month. He runs No Other... Read more
Crossroads Shooting Sports

Crossroads Shooting Sports - A Perfect Fit for National Shooting Sports Month

In the midst of the Des Moines metro area, the CrossRoads Shooting Sports gun shop and range allows many people to learn, practice, train and shop for the latest and greatest firearms and associated gear. At the helm of CrossRoads is Tom Hudson, a man who is much more than just a salesman, a man who takes a modern, open-minded approach to his store in order to best serve his wide variety of customers. CrossRoads Shooting Sports has a contemporary 17-lane shooting bay, expansive retail store and offers a variety of gunsmithing services. A well-developed class curriculum is backed by a staff of instructors who can handle all levels of shooters. “We absolutely love to embrace the community, listening to the needs of the customer... Read more
Defender Outdoors

Defender Outdoors - National Shooting Sports Month A Big Boom for Texas Range

“Last year we had a range day with Col. Allen West, featuring F1 Firearms and a ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ day with Smith & Wesson,” says Will James, President of Defender Outdoors, LLC, as he begins unwrapping for me a hefty and impressive package of activities his indoor range, separate outdoor shotgun range, brick-and-mortar retailer and e-commerce entity did in 2017 for National Shooting Sports Month. Though finding out about National Shooting Sports Month at the very end of July last year left Defender Outdoors with only a short time to craft and promote unique events in time for August, it pulled it off. “Luckily, we had already planned some special community shooting events for August, so it was easy to co-brand,” he says. “We’ll be a lot... Read more

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