August is National Shooting Sports Month!

People can go target shooting year-round, but the month of August is National Shooting Sports Month—a time for the community of firearms owners to celebrate and enjoy the shooting sports with friends, family and newcomers they want to introduce to these lifetime activities.

Media can help by:

  • Reminding audiences about National Shooting Sports Month in August and letting them know how to find events and enter for a chance to win a Gearbox Giveaway at
  • Citing NSSF research that shows 50 million Americans participate in target shooting and that millions more are interested in trying target shooting.
  • Noting that target shooting is fun, safe, and offers activities that men, women and youth of all ages and sizes can enjoy both recreationally and competitively.
  • Referencing sports such as action pistol shooting, long-range rifle shooting, the shotgun clay target sports of skeet, trap and sporting clays, blackpowder shooting, Cowboy Action shooting and competitive shooting with handgun, rifle and shotgun.
  • Utilizing the Promotional Toolkit for media and press release samples

Story ideas include:

  • Themes: Sharing, Skill-building, Competition, Learning Something New, Reactivation, Recruitment
  • Contact your local shooting ranges to see if they are participating in Shooting Sports Month and how
  • Contact your local firearms retailers to see if they are participating in Shooting Sports Month and how
  • Remind your audience about Shooting Sports Month and ask them to share their experiences with you.


Quotes from Past Participants:

  • “Being able to spend time with my son shooting.”
  • “Introducing my daughter to the sport.”
  • “Being part of a community in a sport I love.”
  • “Honing my skills.”
  • “The competition component of the matches I shot.”
  • “It had been a while and I forgot how much fun it was. Will start going again on a regular basis.”