As Industry Leaders, join us this August for a nationwide celebration of the shooting sports – which showcases and reminds the public that shooting is a safe, fun activity enjoyed by millions of Americans. Help support the growth of the industry and your business at the same time!

Industry Partners

Companies that join NSSF as an industry partner in National Shooting Sports Month will be recognized on the and websites. Your partnering efforts should include:

  • Displaying the National Shooting Sports Month campaign logo on your website and social media channels while directing viewers to to discover the events and promotions occurring in their communities.
  • Offering special pricing/promotions throughout the month on products and display the campaign logo and/or words “In celebration of National Shooting Sports Month” in your customer promotions.
  • Active promotion of the month on social media channels using the National Shooting Sports Month Social Media Helper. Promotions should encourage your followers to go shooting during August and to introduce or reintroduce a friend or family member. Remember to use the #LetsGoShooting hashtag.
  • Encouraging other industry stakeholders—manufacturers, ranges, retailers, organizations and state agencies—you work closely with to get on board with you. Better yet? Team up on events and promotions you can rollout together and add them to the national calendar at

Gearbox Giveaway Sponsorships

Serve as a Gearbox Giveaway Sponsor to build upon your company’s brand awareness and loyalty. In addition to special recognition on the websites, Gearbox sponsors will amplify their brands overall reach on social media through NSSF’s sharing power and network of collaborating influencers during the month. To become a Gearbox Sponsor your company/s will need to do the following:

  • Build out a Gearbox product package (this can be one company’s product or a combination of products from company’s you work closely with) with a minimum retail value of $1000
  • Assign your sponsored shooters or brand ambassadors with a sufficient and engaged social media following to showcase the Gearbox package in a video and post on both your company/s and the influencers channels while doing the following:
    • Inform followers that August is National Shooting Sports Month
    • Encourage followers to enter for a chance to win the gearbox giveaways at
    • Motivate followers to go target shooting during August and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #letsgoshooting
    • Inspire followers to introduce/reintroduce someone to target shooting
    • Encourage network of partners and collaborators to assist in the promotion of the gearbox.


A wide variety of options are available to showcase your company’s support for National Shooting Sports Month and the +One Movement. These are premium opportunities to connect your brand with today’s shooters, including thousands of people learning about firearms and the shooting sports for the first time. To discover the sponsorship that works best for your business, contact Chris Tatulli, NSSF Director, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales, at [email protected] or 203-426-1320 ext. 214.