Summer Shootout

The Gun Guys
(785) 418-0711
Thursday nights in August we will be having our Shoot-out Competition. Come in anytime between 4pm & 8pm and shoot the course of fire in any of the 6 different classes, (Bug, Stock, Optic, Open, Revolver, & Rimfire). Course will be 5 rounds each string for Bug and Revolver class for a total of 25 rounds and 10 rounds each string for all other classes for a total of 50 rounds. Distances will be 3, 5, 7, 10, & 15 yards for all classes. Targets will be scored each week and the highest scoring 2 targets will determine your final score. Entries are $15 for each target. Shooters may enter as many different classes as they want and shoot as many times as they want. You must shoot at least 2 of the 5 weeks. A firearm will be given away in a random drawing at the end of the final night, August 30th, at 8p.m. Each target shot qualifies for an entry in the drawing. Other prizes may be awarded based on how many shooters participate. Let's have some fun this Summer Season! Shoot as often as you want in as many classes as you want. Who knows, you might even take home a new firearm!