Ladies Intro to Handgun Class

Defender Outdoors Shooting Center
Ready to learn more about shooting during National Shooting Sports Month? Gals, this one’s for YOU! No boys allowed in this Intro to Handgun class! Here you will learn everything from range etiquette to how revolvers, semi-auto & striker fire handguns work along with some different kinds of ammunition and the rules of safety on the range. That’s just in the first hour! In the second hour and a half you’ll get some awesome range time where you’ll get your stance down along with grip, sight picture and trigger squeeze. We’ll also talk about how to best help your kids learn about gun safety and tips you can use at home for storing your firearms. With this class you’ll be hitting bulls-eye in no time! A great prequel or sequel to your License to Carry Class! So, whether you’ve always had a healthy fear of firearms that you want to overcome, want to learn a little more to keeps your kids safe from the firearms in your home or simply want to appease the gun loving husband that keeps nagging you to learn, this is YOUR class!
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